Sunkissed is a lifestyle brand that currently puts its main focus on durable elegant beach blankets (traditional Turkish towels with a twist). They are sand resistant, absorbent, fast drying and very stylish! The company has a social purpose of empowering women and supporting the sea life. Sunkissed is multi-purpose: its great for many outdoor activities such as beach/pool days, traveling as a blanket, yoga, picnics, hiking and more.

We know you want to be on permanent vacation, so we created a resort line you can wear and use to recharge your body and soul.

From the hands that weave our fabric to the beaches you lay our towels next to, every part of the process is ethical. By creating jobs for weavers in small villages of Turkey, with our meticulous quality control procedures, we are able to give you confidence in a quality product. This allows us to support coral reef restoration and protect the natural beauty of our beaches.
We love a bold statement with a minimal look.
We keep our look fresh by working with unique designers around the world. Our fabrics have been hand selected to ensure elegant, light weight and compact products. We do this by choosing raw Turkish fiber cotton that allows for sand resistance and quick drying.
Each piece in our collection is named after one of our favorite destinations. These are places that inspire pleasure, style and comfort. That is what sunkissed is all about.

*Working with a loom requires thoughtful hard work and concentration. Only 8-10 beach towels are made each day (Per loom). This true craftsmanship is passed down from generation to generation. 


 * * *  

Made with the finest premium 100% sustainable organic Turkish cotton